It’s the discovery of something different, something unexpected or completely new that can launch or reposition a brand. Or simply give it a little dusting off.

What’s common between an apple, an evening gown and the light bulb?

It was the falling apple before gravity, the kettle before the steam locomotive, the hundreds of hooks on an evening gown before the zip. It was the idea before the light bulb. That’s what the dynamic, young team at Idea first is all about. We know that every great thing comes from a creative thought, and that’s why we put ideas first.

We are not seeking attention, beating the drum for our achievements or hosting any swanky weekend parties. However, it is our team’s calibre and hunger to break barriers that has been making us hog the limelight. As a closely knit group of designers, storytellers and strategists, we have been delivering results that pretty much speak for themselves. After all, actions speak louder than words, don’t they?
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Our brand values capture what we believe in and what is important to Ideafirst. At Ideafirst, we have 4 core values we do everything by:

Impossible isn't a thing
Seek fun and be memorable
Aspire to Inspire
Relationships are Everything

The Dream Team

Founded in 2008

Our studio boasts a small creative family of designers, developers and marketing gurus who work together in a fusion of awesomeness to achieve a mutual goal – to help your brand thrive in the digital world.

We are people inspired.

Humans do incredible things. They’re behind moonlandings, Macbooks and mayonnaise. They’re tellers of stories and creators of culture. Put simply, they’re powerful.

And if you’re a brand, they’re everything.

This is where we come in. We connect brands with the people that matter. Think of us like the jam in your lamington. We create conversation and connections. We navigate below the surface until we find something real.

From there, we can create something incredible.


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